Waterproof Hiking Boots

With more and more of us going for challenging country walks it’s imperative that a sturdy pair of waterproof hiking boots are worn to keep us safe and dry when walking across uneven terrain. Hoggs of Fife waterproof walking boots are specifically designed to support your feet and to provide a high level of comfort when out on your country adventures.


The Hoggs of Fife Munro waterproof hiking boot are the best boots to choose if you’re planning a country hike that will take you up mountains and down valleys, keeping you safe every step of the way. In addition to the waterproof and breathable membrane that guarantees dry feet the Munro boots are high cut to provide ankle support to avoid painful sprains, the superior shock absorbent Vibram outsole provides excellent grip to make them the ultimate waterproof walking boots.

The Rantin’ Robin can also recommend Hoggs of Fife Rambler Boots. These superior lightweight waterproof hiking boots are more suited for less demanding walks and are a good alternative to waterproof hiking shoes.


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